This Office Is Designed To Work

A proud moment for me was seeing my recent architectural photography of Photobox Group’s UK headquarters showcased on billboards across the London underground. As a photographer, it’s always pleasing to see your work in print, rather than always on-screen. More-so when you’re waiting for the tube and glance up to see your photography printed 15ft tall!

Here are a couple of snapshots captured across the capital, plus two of the original images from the photoshoot itself.

Oliver Pohlmann Photography Oktra London

For these two images below, we shot at the weekend using a small team of models to replicate the employees of Photobox Group. This way, we could position and pose as needed, without having to disrupt the actual staff. Each image consists of approximately five bracketed ambient and four flash exposures of the empty workspace. A further six images were taken of the models in various positions across the space so the we could give the impression of a busy, bustling environment, despite only having eight people to work with. The fifteen or so layers were then masked together to create the final composites shown below. A total of five hours of photography plus eight hours of retouching was required to complete the images. Images were shot using a Canon 5DmkIII body, Canon 24mm TS-E f/3.5L II lens plus Profoto B1 lighting.

Photobox Group Herbal House by Oliver Pohlmann Photography

Photobox Group Herbal House Oliver Pohlmann Photography