Photography of a London Office Fit Out Project

Regular readers of my blog will know that photographing London’s commercial offices is one of the most enjoyable parts of my job. Long gone are the days where offices are simply a network of white rooms and dark corridors, furnished with budget furniture, grey carpets and (most-likely) asbestos ceiling tiles. I’m fortunate in that I get to see some of the most incredible commercial interiors the capital has to offer. These companies appreciate the added-value which comes with creating stimulating working environments for their employees. Don’t think it’s limited to one type of industry either. From specialist legal firms and global tech giants, to small creatives and bespoke I.T. providers, it seems all corners of the working world are catching on to this new way of working life!

Here is a small sample of images I created for a client specialising in the digital business sector.

Oliver Pohlmann - Commercial Office Photographer

Oliver Pohlmann - London Office Photography

Oliver Pohlmann - Commercial Office Photography

Oliver Pohlmann - London Office Photographer