Micro Four-Thirds

One downside of being a professional photographer is being too busy to take photos for pleasure. I’m guilty of that. However, I’ve made a vow recently to make more time to enjoy taking photos outside of my commercial shoots. The trouble is, lugging around my roller-case with all my DSLR kit isn’t practical for casual photography. Therefore I decided to purchase a ‘walk-around’ camera. The choices available are overwhelming! From point and shoot to mirrorless and bridge cameras, it’s a market which can be extremely intimidating. Therefore, to whittle down the options I began by looked at sensor sizes. This determines the image quality and often the low-light performance of the camera. The cameras in my short-list contained either a 1-inch, micro four-thirds or an APS-C type sensor. I then ruled out the smaller 1-inch sensor cameras (found in some mobile phones), aiming more towards the micro four-thirds and APS-C sensors (APS-C sensors are commonly found in crop-sensor DSLRs). Pretty soon I realised that APS-C sensor cameras were often much larger and expensive than those using a micro four-thirds sensor. Once that decision was made, it was simply a case of short-listing 3 or 4 cameras which suited my needs for image quality, functionality and style. My final choice? The Panasonic LX100. With superb reviews from the photography community, impressive image quality, full manual controls and very cool retro looks it ticked all the boxes. Now I just need to find the time to venture out and get snapping!

Panasonic LX100 Silver