Retouching HDR Interior Photos

Sometimes, photographing a room and achieving a great result with just one shot isn’t possible. You see, modern cameras are extremely limited in their ability to capture extremes of exposure. Where the human eye can simultaneously cater for extreme highlights and dark shadows within the same scene, camera sensors often struggle. In situations where you have a darkly lit room together with sunlit windows, you need to take a different approach when it comes to photography. One such technique is called HDR (high dynamic range) or ‘bracketing’. This involves taking a number of identically-composed shots of a particular scene, usually 3, 5 or 7, only differing in their exposure. The darkest shot should be exposed for the highlights, while the brightest shot should reveal detail in the dark shadow areas. It’s then a simple case of blending them together in order to create one shot which has perfect exposure across the scene. Here’s my video on using Adobe Lightroom to blend and retouch an HDR interior photo.