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Luxury Homes Are Struggling To Sell

In recent years, particularly across London, Surrey and the South East, the luxury property market has been struggling. Homes in the £2m+ range are frequently on the market for over six months before selling. This puts a lot of pressure on the agents and everyone else involved, including the home-owner. Once interest begins to waiver, the agents often look at refreshing, updating and ultimately improving their existing marketing materials for such properties. This is often when I’m contacted.

One recent case involved a stunning new £4.25m property over in Hampshire which had been on the market for approaching 12 months. Despite being outside my normal area of coverage, a good client of mine recommended me to the property’s agent, so I gladly obliged. We decided to address the lead image and chose to take a more artful and striking approach by means of creating a twilight shot of the front façade. This involves turning on all internal and external lights at the property and waiting until just after sunset to take a series of shots. These shots are then blended or ‘masked’ in Photoshop to create a final image. The disadvantages of attempting this in January are the icy temperatures together with the traditional wet English weather. Heavy rain when I arrived didn’t bode well. But, as luck would have it, the rain stopped and the clouds cleared right on cue to reveal a beautiful blue and purple twilight sky. The final image (below) will appear on the updated brochures and regional press ads later this week.

Edit – Less than 5 weeks after my photography fronted a new wave of marketing for the property, Burford Place is sold. Naturally I’m taking all the credit… and hunting down a piece of the commission!

Twilight Property Photography