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Photographing ‘The Den’

Working as a freelance photographer has one major disadvantage – the fact that I have no work colleagues and spend a lot of time working alone in my home-office (can I hear violins?). Being surrounded by like-minded people for a third of the day, Monday to Friday, is one of the perks of office-based work. Those colleagues quickly become good friends and you often find yourself spending more time with these people than your own partner and family. However, I’ve created this illusion for myself that office-based work is mundane, nobody really likes each other, the environment is often stagnant and dreary and I’m better off working alone from home. That was all fine until London-based company The Collective called me up to photograph ‘The Den’ – their stylish new office space in the heart of the City.London Interior Office Space Photography

Now, this is the kind of working environment that makes you question your own workplace set-up. Think Google or Facebook offices, but more intimate. ‘The Den’ is a place for entrepreneurs and small start-ups to network from and partake in regular events. The bottom line is, this is the place where you want to work. How can the rest of us ever go back to our own¬†offices again?

On Office Magazine, the UK’s leading publication for commercial architecture and design, recently featured my photography in an article about ‘The Den’.

The Collective - On Office Magazine