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Property Photography For Selling Your Own Home

A growing trend in today's digital age is to sell your own property online. Side-stepping the expensive middle-men in favour of managing the online promotion oneself is a common choice among tech-savvy home-owners. Fortunately there is a growing pool of home owners who acknowledge the benefits and competitive edge in using skilled freelance photographers over the often sub-par photography offered by many lower and middle-tier property agents. My interior photography service offers a rapid turn around for my clients. From initial contact to the delivery of images can be as little as 24 hours. I can see this approach to property selling really taking off over the coming year. If you're looking to sell your own home in Surrey or London and appreciate how professional interior photography can give you the edge, simply contact me here and I'll send you over my property photography brochure and price-list. Let's get your home sold, fast! Photographer For Selling Your Own Home  

In The Studio with Tyger Drew-Honey

Actor, musician and TV presenter Tyger Drew-Honey is best known for his work on the BBC hit show Outnumbered. At just 18 years old, Tyger is also the face of young-driver insurance company Ingenie, with whom I have undertaken many photoshoots over the past year. We invited Tyger down to my photography studio in South London to capture some fresh and fun PR shots for Ingenie's upcoming promotional materials. While we had the lighting and cameras set up, it was also the perfect opportunity to get Tyger some up-to-date photos for his own portfolio. For the Ingenie part of the shoot, the brief was "fun, inviting and relevant". Tyger Drew-Honey Photography for Ingenie by Oliver Pohlmann For Tyger's own photos, I told him to think 'GQ' - stylish, moody, sexy and cool. This proved all-too-easy as he just nailed the look I was after. With minimal direction needed, Tyger simply flew through the poses I was looking for - his confidence growing as the shoot progressed. Tyger Drew-Honey Photoshoot by Oliver Pohlmann Tyger Drew-Honey Photography by Oliver Pohlmann Photoshoots like this are great fun. Tyger, so used to being in front of the camera, beams with confidence and presence - just what every photographer wants! The result is a collection of photos which nailed the briefs we set. Happy client equals happy photographer.