Monthly Archives: April 2014

AirBnB Opened My Eyes

I’d never heard of Airbnb when a job posting appeared in my inbox calling for photographers to join their team a number of years ago. Back then, my real-estate and interior photography experience was limited and this seemed like a great opportunity to develop those skills.

Airbnb Photographer London Oliver Pohlmann

As it turned out, working as a photographer for Airbnb has given me so much more than just photography knowledge. At the time of writing this (2014), I’ve completed over 100 photoshoots for them, covering homes from central London down to rural Surrey. In that time, I’ve met some of the most fascinating and friendly people I’ve come across during my career as a photographer. You see, I think you have to be a certain type of person to let out your own home to strangers. That spirit of trust, faith and friendliness makes these home-owners wonderful people to engage with.

Airbnb Photographer London Oliver Pohlmann

What’s more, because the hosts are normally users of Airbnb themselves, they often travel the world meeting like-minded people. Their tales from across the globe keep me entertained while I’m photographing their homes. Another benefit from my time with Airbnb is that I now rarely stay in hotels when travelling overseas. The abundance of beautiful homes and welcoming hosts renders stuffy and monotonous hotels somewhat redundant.

Airbnb Photographer London Oliver Pohlmann

2017 Update: Such was my enjoyment photographing homes for Airbnb that it founded my love for interior and real-estate photography. Now, photographing luxury homes across London and the South East makes up over 80% of my photography work… and I love it!

If you’re looking to become a host on Airbnb and need photos of your home, drop me a quick email and I will send you over my latest pricelist brochure.