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Nerd Alert – I Love Photographing Planes!

I think my fascination with all things aviation harks back to being a young child. I used to fly over to Germany with my family a couple of times every year. During the two hour wait to board the plane to Frankfurt (always a British Caledonian BAC-1-11 or Lufthansa Boeing 737-200 in case you're a closet nerd too!), my brother and I used to fill the time by snapping away on our chunky film cameras. Glued to the windows, we would document everything we could see. Our 24 photo films never used to last particularly long and needless-to-say our photos were never of much interest to anybody else. Being in my mid-30s hasn't dulled my passion for planes although, now, I try to hide my nerdiness as best I can.

Aviation Photography

You can imagine my excitement when, a couple of years ago now, advertising agency TDG Integrated contacted me about an aviation photoshoot! My role was part of a large brand refresh for their client, air-charter giants Hunt & Palmer. On location with us would be Other Finger Films - crafting out a short commercial film to showcase Hunt & Palmer's dedication to going beyond their customers' expectations. My role was to capture striking images to mirror this message, to be featured across their relaunched website and future advertising materials. Sounds fairly straight-forward - except for a couple of minor restrictions. These included being prohibited by the airport security from - going anywhere other than the aircraft hangar we were allocated to, stepping outside on to the tarmac, photographing anything other than the one aircraft we were told or photographing anything identifiable as another client's property. Oh and we had a security guard standing next to us all day.

Aviation Photography for Hunt & Palmer

Truth-be-told, those restrictions actually made me work harder, looking for ever-more unique and creative shots to take, from the detailed stitching of the Business Class aircraft seats and the switchgear in the cockpit, to artistic shots of the plane and engine blades. The resulting portfolio I delivered to my client still ranks among my favourite work to-date. Not only because it tapped in to a passion of mine, but also because the restrictions imposed upon me lead me to think outside the box in terms of creativity.

Aviation Photographer for Hunt & Palmer